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Mining & Natural Resources in The Congo

" At Congo Investment Group, we make sure our operations in the mining industry are safe, traceable, and meet legal and environmental rules"

Congo Investment Group is a company that specializes in investments in the Congo. We use our knowledge of the region and its resources to identify and invest in profitable opportunities. We offer financial advice and guidance to our clients so they can make informed decisions that best suit their goals.

The Congo is home to some of the rarest and highly demanded natural resources. The country counts large reserves of natural resources such as Cobalt (80%), Gold (7%), Diamonds (3%) and Copper (1.5%). As specialists in the field, we are able to provide our clients with the best opportunities in the Congo.

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Below is a brief list of natural resources available in The Congo Dr.

The country’s main economic resource is its mineral deposits; mining produces almost nine-tenths of total exports. The abundance of minerals in Katanga province was among those factors that attracted European powers to Congo in the 19th century.

Minerals found in Katanga include coppercobaltzinccassiterite (the chief source of metallic tin), manganesecoalsilvercadmiumgermanium (a brittle element used as a semiconductor), gold, palladium (a metallic element used as a catalyst and in alloys), uranium, and platinum. The region west of Lake Kivu contains cassiterite, columbotantalite, wolframite (a source of tungsten), berylgold, and monazite (a phosphate of the cerium metals and thorium). Lake Kivu also harbours vast reserves of methane, carbonic, and nitrogen natural gases. There are deposits of iron ore and gem-quality diamonds in south-central Congo, while the central regions are rich in industrial diamonds. In the northeast there are gold, coal, and iron-ore deposits; there are prospective deposits of gold, monazite, and diamonds in the northwestern regions as well. Coastal Congo contains bauxite, gold, and offshore deposits of petroleum. The limestone deposits that occur throughout the country are considered to be among the richest in Africa.

Credit: Britannica

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